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Mega Centre Montréal – Pépinière Gentile

Located at our Montreal store, Pépinière Gentile has everything you need to help bring out the beauty of your outdoor space: trees, shrubs, plants, soil, compost, fertilizer, gardening and decorative accessories. With more than 50 years of experience in horticulture and landscaping, we can give you the best advice not only when it comes to gardening and planting, but also when it comes to choosing the perfect products to improve the look of your property.


For beautiful flowerbeds that will remain colorful throughout the whole gardening season, fill out your landscaping with a wide variety of perennial plants. At Pépinière Gentile garden centre, we have a great selection of perennials. Visit our greenhouse and be inspired by the beauty of these plants.

MCM Vivaces
MCM Annuelles


Embellish your landscaping by garnishing it with annuals. Annual plants will bring lushness and vitality to your flowerbeds. Why not combine them with some herbs and vegetable plants? Herbs and vegetables are an interesting addition as they allow you to save money and also to eat fresh food right from your garden. Pépinière Gentile offers a wide selection of annuals, herbs and vegetables to suit all of your needs.


Trees represent a crucial component of any landscaping project. In addition to providing shade, protecting from strong winds and helping maintain privacy, trees have a real aesthetic value: they help embellish properties as well as neighbourhoods. What is more beautiful than a street lined with tall trees? As for shrubs, they can be used to delimit a piece of land or to conceal an awkward foundation wall. Ideal for hedges, these bushes will add character to any garden. If you need to incorporate trees or shrubs to your landscaping, Pépinière Gentile is the place to visit!

MCM Arbres
MCM Fontaines et Bancs


Pépinière Gentile has everything you need to help embellish your outdoor space. Discover our gorgeous collection of garden accessories. These decorative items will put the final touch to your landscaping project. Whether you prefer a modern or rustic look, at Pépinière Gentile you will find exactly what you’re looking for... and more!

MCM Agronome

Do you need help?

We have experts on site to answer all your questions concerning the planting of trees, shrubs and other plants as well as the maintenance of lawns, vegetable gardens and flower beds.

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We offer a home delivery service throughout the whole gardening season: soil, sand, gravel, plants, trees, shrubs, statues, fountains, pavers, slabs, bricks and masonry products. Often heavy and bulky, purchases made in a garden center can be difficult to carry. Let us take care of delivering your goods safely.


For optimal results, a soil test is essential. Each section of your land must be analyzed separately. For example, you must take a separate sample for the lawn, vegetable patch and flowerbeds. Bring us a sample and, with the results of the analysis, we will make the necessary recommendations to help you improve the quality of your soil. Your lawn and garden will never be as green and luxuriant.

MCM Analyse De Sol
MCM Empotage


Whether it’s to accessorise your outdoor space or to move your plants from a pot that has become too small, we create gorgeous floral arrangements.