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For Successful Large-Scale Projects

At Mega Center Groupe, our mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve successful large-scale projects. We do so by assisting them in the execution of their work and also by developing partnerships. Whether it’s a landscaping or a masonry project, we are committed to providing you with all the support needed to fulfill the task at hand effectively. To all entrepreneurs out there, let our experienced staff make your life easier. Not only can our staff help you plan for your projects, but they can also give you sound technical advice and assist you in finding optimal solutions in the event of a problem.

We Are Part of your Team

Allow us to be a team player. Let us talk on your behalf by meeting with your customers. We can deal directly with them and act as advisers or ntermediates. Know that we provide a team of full-time, year-round professionals. You will always do business with qualified and competent personnel.

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Delivery Options

We offer several delivery options to meet all your needs. Our fleet includes dump trucks, flatbed dump trucks, loaders and forklifts. When the time comes to deliver a project, we have the human and the material resources to do it.

Professional Documentation

For Successful Large-Scale Projects

Let our Experienced Staff Help with your Landscaping or Masonry Projects.