For the Love of Tomatoes

Spring is fast approaching and who says spring says vegetable garden. Here’s to spring! Here’s to gardening! Here’s to tomatoes!

At Gentile Garden Centre, we work diligently to prepare our tomatoes. To all gardening enthusiasts, know that our tomato plants will soon be ready to be planted at home, in your own vegetable garden. With over thirty varieties, we have something to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Growing your own Tomatoes

Growing your own tomatoes allows you not only to save money, but also to eat fresh, tasty and most importantly local foods. Ripen on the plant, this juicy fruit is second to none. Nothing gives more pleasure than to bite into a freshly picked tomato.


Gardening... A Comforting Activity

In these times of confinement, gardening becomes a comforting activity, if not therapeutic, in addition to providing a sense of pride. You will indeed be proud to eat – and share – the foods that you have grown yourself.

This spring, think fresh.

Get into gardening.