For the Love of Tomatoes

Spring is fast approaching and who says spring says vegetable garden. Here’s to spring! Here’s to gardening! Here’s to tomatoes!

At Gentile Garden Centre, we work diligently to prepare our tomatoes.

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Dalle Verte MCM

For a Green Driveway

Are you looking for an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to asphalt or cement for your driveway? At Mega Centre Groupe, we have exactly what you need...

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Zuko Grande Slab Ash Charcoal

Prepare your Pavers for the Summer

After a long and cold winter, swimming time has finally come. But before you can lounge by the pool, a good clean up is necessary. In the spring, it’s important to prepare your landscaping for the summer, and this preparation must be done without forgetting the pavers.

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Recipe for a Successful Landscaping Project

The key ingredient for a successful landscaping project, big or small, is ... careful preparation. In order to create the outdoor space of your dreams, you need to set the stage and make sure you did all your homework. Careful preparation will help you avoid the common pitfalls of such projects.

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What is your Budget?

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid this topic. Proper budgeting is one of the most – if not the most - important planning aspects before undertaking a landscaping project. As previously mentioned, the possibilities for a landscaping project are endless, which makes budgeting that much more difficult.

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